Visit a Class

We are delighted that you are considering visiting us. One of the best ways to gain insight into the intellectual community at the heart of the Wesleyan experience is to observe a class, and we invite prospective students一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟 to visit any of the classes listed here. Please keep the following in mind as you visit classes:

  • Participation is an essential part of Wesleyan classes and the specific class you are attending is one session in an ongoing dialogue between professor and students. Comments from visitors may be relevant and insightful, but may also be inconsistent with the larger, semester-long context of the discussion.
  • Please arrive ten minutes before class starts and introduce yourself to the professor. Explain that you are a prospective student and would like to sit in on the class. Ask the professor if you may participate in class or if they would prefer that you simply observe.  Occasionally, the class you have chosen to observe will not be available to visitors due to special circumstances such as examinations and field trips.
  • Please note classes are occasionally cancelled or have location changes, therefore a ten minute advance arrival to class is suggested.
  • Please stay for the entire class.
  • Do two things Wesleyan students do every day: learn something new, and have your own perceptions and ideas challenged.  
  • Due to various special film projects, we ask our visitors to call (860) 685-2220 in advance to request permission before visiting film classes.
  • Unfortunately, due to the large volume of visitors, we can only extend this invitation to visiting students. No parents, please.

Spring 2020 class lists are below.