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FCGS Staff

  • Stephen Angle


    262 High St., 201E Fisk Hall

    (860) 685-3681


    A philosophy writer and researcher specializing in Chinese Philosophy, Confucianism, Neo-Confucianism, and comparative philosophy, Stephen C. Angle’s research focuses on philosophy’s role in human rights, politics, and ethics both in China and globally. Angle’s work is informed by an on-going exchange of ideas with colleagues in universities in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Germany, and France, and through his international philosophy blog, .

    Fluent in Mandarin and in classical Chinese, Angle has spent Fulbright years in Taipei and in Beijing and was a  at Tsinghua University during the academic year 2016-17. Many of his books and essays have appeared in Chinese translation. Angle’s books include  (co-authored with Justin Tiwald; Polity, 2017),  (Routledge, 2013),  (Polity, 2012),  (Oxford, 2009), and  (Cambridge, 2002). Most of Angle’s publications are freely available at , and his full CV is here.

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟Angle received his B.A. from Yale University in East Asian Studies and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Michigan. Since 1994 he has taught at Wesleyan University, where he is now Professor of Philosophy and Mansfield Freeman Professor of East Asian Studies. In March 2010, Angle presented the inaugural Tang Junyi Lecture Series at the University of Michigan. Angle is a recipient of two Fulbright grants, a Millicent C. McIntosh Fellowship, a Chiang Ching-Kuo Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, and the Binswanger Prize for Excellence in Teaching. He is a past President of the International Society for Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Philosophy.

  • Alice Hadler

    Senior Associate Director

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟Downey House, 294 High St.

    (860) 685-2832

  • Emmanuel Paris-Bouvret

    Director, Language Resources and Technology

    262 High St., 201G Fisk Hall

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟(860) 685-2560

  • Emily Gorlewski

    Associate Director, Study Abroad

    262 High St., 201A Fisk Hall

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟(860) 685-3007

  • Kia Lor

    Assistant Director, Language and Intercultural Learning

    262 High St., 201C Fisk Hall

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟(860) 685-3686


    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟As an intercultural educator, Kia M. Lor improves campus climate for students and faculty by developing, implementing, and managing high-impact intercultural initiatives aimed at campus internationalization through the lens of language learning. Lor holds an M.S.Edu degree in Intercultural Communication from the University of Pennsylvania, and a B.A. in Communication from the College of St. Benedict & St. John's University in Minnesota. 

    At Wesleyan, Lor collaborates with faculty and staff to create strategic goals aimed at building multilingual and intercultural communities of practice campus-wide, such as the Power of Language Conference & Global Engagement Scholars pathway program; promotes the growth of languages other than English on campus such as co-leading the Lead with Languages Collective; oversees the Mango Languages independent language learning program; facilitates social-cultural programming for Foreign Language Teaching Assistants & other international/exchange students; coordinates the week-long campus-wide International Education Week along with other campus partners; and produces publication for the Fries Center for Global Studies such as the Wes and the World Newsletter and Blog and the Annual Reports

  • Magdalena Zapędowska [za-pen-doff-ska]

    Assistant Director of Fellowships

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟262 High St., 201D Fisk Hall

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟(860) 685-3928

  • Hannah Parten

    Study Abroad Advisor

    262 High St., 201B Fisk Hall

    (860) 685-3006


    Hannah Parten is the Study Abroad Advisor in Wesleyan's Office of Study Abroad. Before joining the Fries Center for Global Studies staff in August 2019, Hannah worked in Yale University's Office of International Students and Scholars and Yale Summer Session. Her own study abroad experience at the University of Oxford led her to discover the field of higher education administration and student affairs. At Wesleyan, Hannah's goal is to support every student as they navigate the world of study abroad, from submitting an application to pre-departure preparations to re-entry. When she's not advising awesome Wesleyan students, Hannah enjoys roller skating, leading food tours in New Haven, and playing with her cute pup, Zero.

  • Jennifer Collingwood

    Administrative Assistant V

    262 High St., 201F Fisk Hall

    (860) 685-3661

  • Konstance Krueger

    Graduate Assistant

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟262 High St., 201

Core Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Camilla Zamboni

    Assistant Professor of the Practice in Italian

    300 High St., 208

    (860) 685-3587


    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟Camilla Zamboni's work centers on innovative pedagogy, particularly related to language learning, open educational resources (OERs), and gameful L2TL / analog game-based learning. She is the coordinator of the Italian language program at Wesleyan: she creates, maintains, updates, and coordinates the curriculum for first and second year Italian courses. 

    Current projects involve a Board Gaming Lab, born out of the successful “Italian Board Game Nights” at Wesleyan, and a language learning tabletop RPG, Mistero, which was made possible by a grant of the Center for Pedagogical Innovation at Wesleyan. Other ongoing projects are Assaggi, a complete Intermediate Italian curriculum in OER form used for second year courses at Wesleyan; , a magazine in Italian written and edited by Wesleyan students; and 一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟, a Facebook group dedicated to the Italian community on and off campus. 

    Areas of interest / expertise:
    Analog Game-Based Learning, Italian Film, Italian Language and Culture, Second Language Acquisition, Teaching Pedagogy, XX and XXI century Italian Literature