University Partnerships

Wesleyan University has over time signed various agreements with international universities and institutions in support of student and faculty international exchange and for the purpose of fostering worldwide connections among our alumni. We are eager to help expand upon this network of exchanges insofar as it is fundamental to the Fries Center for Global Studies's mission.

Wesleyan students interested in study abroad exchanges should visit the Office of Study Abroad for more information.

  • COLOMBIA, Universidad de los Andes

    Our exchange agreement with the  allows up to five Wesleyan students to study for a semester or year in Bogotá一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟, Colombia, at one of Latin America's most prestigious institutions. 

    Wesleyan University also hosts a Spanish Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) each year from the Universidad de los Andes. Universidad de los Andes students interested in becoming an FLTA at Wesleyan should contact their home institution.

  • FRANCE, Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po)
    Wesleyan University has agreed formally with the Institute d’Etudes Politiques de Paris/ to allow for an undergraduate student exchange between the two institutions.
  • FRANCE, University of Paris

    Wesleyan maintains its  in partnership with Vassar College. This agreement allows program participants to enroll in courses at any of the following University of Paris campuses: , , and . 

    Through our agreements with Paris III, Paris IV, and Paris VII, Wesleyan welcomes two French Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) yearly, who supports French language teaching and learning on campus. University of Paris students interested in the FLTA position at Wesleyan should contact their home institution.

  • GERMANY, Bielefeld University
    Wesleyan University's History Department has agreed formally with 's Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology Department to cooperate in areas of mutual academic interst, particularly in the field of history and historiography.
  • INDONESIA, Institut Seni Indonesia Surakarta
    Wesleyan University has agreed formally with the  / Indonesian Institute of the Arts in Indonesia to develop friendly and cooperative relations in the field of theater and dance. 
  • IRELAND, Dublin City University
    Wesleyan's Physics Department has an exchange agreement with in Ireland. This opportunity allows students to study in a fully-integrated environment under the guidance of members of the Dublin City physics faculty who engage in collaborative research work with members of the Wesleyan Physics Department.
  • IRELAND, University College Cork

    In partnership with the , Wesleyan University supports the exchange of undergraduate students between institutions, specifically those within the Music Department. University of York students wishing to study at Wesleyan University should .

  • ITALY, University of Bologna

    Through the , Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Wesleyan University partner with the to offer our students the opportunity to study for a semester or year at Italy's oldest and highly prestigious university.

    Through this partnership Wesleyan also hosts yearly an Italian Foreign Language Teaching Assistant who supports Italian language teaching and learning on campus.

    The agreement also allows faculty from these three institutions to participate in a 1-2 week exchange in Bologna. Please for more details related to the faculty exchange.

  • JAPAN, Kansai Gaidai University

    Wesleyan University has partnered with  in Hirakata City, Osaka, Japan to welcome a Japanese Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) each year who supports Japanese language teaching and learning on campus.

  • SPAIN, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

    Wesleyan maintains its  at the  in partnership with Vassar College. Thanks to a special agreement between Wesleyan and the , program participants are eligible to enroll in classes at this institution as well.

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟Wesleyan University also welcomes two Spanish Foreign Language Teaching Assistants (FLTA) each year from the Complutense as well as two undergraduate students from the Universidad Carlos III. Students from the Complutense Universidad de Madrid and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid interested in visiting Wesleyan University as a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant or as undergraduate exchange students should contact their home institutions to apply.

  • UK, University of Sussex

    By formal agreement students from the English Department at Wesleyan一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟 are eligible to apply to study for a semester or year at the University of Sussex in England. 

    University of Sussex students interested in visiting Wesleyan should contact your home institution.

  • UK, University of York

    A formal exchange agreement with the University of York (England) allows for the exchange of undergraduate students between that insitution and Wesleyan University, with priority for students in Wesleyan's College of Social Studies一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟 at Weselyan University and York's .

    一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟University of York students interested in visiting Wesleyan should .