Shapiro Center for Writing

The Shapiro Center for Writing, located at 116 Mt. Vernon St., signals the importance the Wesleyan University attaches to writing. The Shapiro Center serves as a hub for writing activities and provides a venue for readings, workshops, colloquia, informal discussions, student-sponsored events, and receptions. Its lounge is open to all students enrolled in creative writing courses.  The Center houses visiting writers, as well as Amy Bloom, the Shapiro-Silverberg Professor of Creative Writing at Wesleyan University and director of the Shapiro Center.  Amy Bloom hosts Table Talk events monthly throughout the fall and spring semesters; open to all students, Table Talk provides students an opportunity to discuss papers, creative writing problems and all reading/writing issues with Professor Bloom and peers. 

Also housed in the Shapiro Center are Tiphanie Yanique, Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing, Sean McCann, Professor of English and Director of Academic Writing, Rashida Shaw McMahon, Assistant Professor of English, Charles Barber, Writer-In-Residence, College of Letters, Douglas Martin, Assistant Director of Creative Writing, Lauren Silber, Assistant Director of Academic Writing, Elizabeth Hepford, Assistant Professor of the Practice of English as a Second Language, and Tess Bird, Mellon Fellow. 

The Writing Workshop has an office at Shapiro where students can seek additional help with their writing. The workshop is open from 7-11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. Appointments can be made through student e-portfolios.

John Shapiro ’74 and Shonni Silverberg M.D. ’76一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟 of New York City established the center with a generous gift in 2009.   

一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟For more information, please contact Amy Bloom.

Amy Bloom
Shapiro Center Director


Ryan Launder
Shapiro Center for Writing
Administrative Assistant IV

Shapiro Center for Writing
Master Classes

The Shapiro Center's Master Classes provide students with exciting opportunities to work closely with reknowned authors and poets.   Check out our past and present speakers who have offered intimate classes and workshops for aspiring Wesleyan writers. 

  • Terrance Hayes

    Terrance Hayes

    Poet and Educator
    2017-2018 Poetry Editor for New York Times Magazine
    Whiting Writers Award
    Hurston-Wright Legacy Award finalist

  • James Magruder

    James Magruder

    Fiction Writer, Playwright, and Translator
    Five-time recipient of an Individual Artist Award
    Lambda Literary Award finalist

  • Caryl Phillips

    Caryl Phillips

    Novelist, Playwright & Essayist
    Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year
    Martin Luther King
    Memorial Prize
    Guggenheim Fellowship

  • Eileen Myles

    Eileen Myles

    Poet, Novelist, Performer & Art Journalist
    Guggenheim Fellowship
    Four Lambda Book Awards

  • Mark Doty

    Mark Doty

    Distinguished Poet & Essayist
    NY Times Bestselling Memoirist
    National Book Award Winner
  • Michael Cunningham

    Michael Cunningham

    Novelist and Screenwriter
    Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
    PEN/Faulkner Award
  • Richard Blanco

    Richard Blanco

    Inaugural Poet Laureate
    Cuban-American Writer
    Gay Rights Adovcate
    FYE Memoir: Los Cocuyos
  • C.D. Wright

    C.D. Wright

    Award Winning Author and Poet
    MacArthur Fellowship
    National Book Award for Poetry

  • Said Sayrafiezadeh

    Said Sayrafiezadeh

    Award-Winning Memoirist
    Acclaimed Story Writer & Essayist
  • Colson Whitehead 

    Colson Whitehead 

    NY Times Bestselling Author
    National Book Award for Fiction
    MacArthur Fellowship
  • Marie Howe

    Marie Howe

    Acclaimed Poet & Teacher
    NYS Poet Laureate, 2014
    Speaker on Faith
    Kingdom of Ordinary Time
  • Andre Dubus III

    Andre Dubus III

    #1 NY Times Bestselling Novelist
    Author of House of Sand and Fog