Writing Workshop

An Announcement in Light of Coronavirus (COVID-19):

As of March 11, 2020, Wesleyan has suspended in-person classes and meetings.  The Writing Workshop will do its best to respond to these unanticipated developments and to maintain the support we provide to students. We expect to resume scheduled Workshop tutoring hours and mentoring meetings shortly after the end of Spring Break, making use primarily of Zoom for virtual meetings and Google docs for sharing papers and comments.  We will be updating this site as our plans become more concrete and more information becomes available to us.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the challenges of adapting to this new environment. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email.    

 Join Our Team! Applications due 4/1/2020

一级亚洲做人爱c视频三分钟The Writing Workshop in the Shapiro Center for Writing supports Wesleyan students in all aspects of their academic writing. We train and mentor undergraduates who work to support their peers in writing across campus. Our writing tutors strive to meet writers where they are in the writing process.  That may mean brainstorming a new assignment, reviewing the structure of a draft, tinkering with the details of an essay before it is submitted to an instructor, or mastering important skills. We work to support students with particular writing tasks while also cultivating spaces on campus for students to develop their voice, perspective, and values as writers.  

Here at the Shapiro Center for Writing we support students in four basic modes:

  • Workshop Tutors: Work one-on-one with students on a range of writing projects at different stages of the writing process in 45 minute sessions. Tutors are available Sunday through Thursday, from 7-11 pm in locations across campus.
  • Writing Mentors: Work one-on-one with mentees every week during the semester.   
  • Thesis Mentors: Work one-on-one with thesis writers every other week during the semester.